Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Small Tips (but useful enough)

Some while ago there is a threat and discussion in openSUSE mailing list about the slowness of Firefox initiation after someone start it (click the icon). Sankar gave the solution that actually very useful to clean the the sqlite database within the Firefox. This will compact the disk blocks of your sqlite database and from then on, Firefox will start noticeably faster if your are a long time user.

The command is simple and run as normal user:
1. Shutdown the Firefox
2. Go to ~/.mozilla directory
3. From the konsole run "find . -name '*.sqlite' -exec sqlite3 '{}' 'VACUUM;' \;" without the quote

Try it and you will see the different. You can use it as much as you like if you use Firefox heavily :-)

Another tips here is about how to determine the date of installation or file system creation. Well, even that it is a bit tricky and actually I still try to find the exact answer, maybe you can use the date when you create your partition for you Linux installation. Assuming this is what you want, we can use the command below from the terminal/konsole as root.

1. su
2. find your / partition with "df -h"
3. assuming your / partition is /dev/sda2 run "dumpe2fs /dev/sda2 | grep "created""

change sda2 with your / partition
Try it, and till then have a lot of fun.

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