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It's been a while since last time I wrote to this blog. I've been busy with my work and don't have time to make a notes here. However there are some posts I write for openSUSE Indonesia, you can go this link if you will.

On January 12, Douglas DeMaio from openSUSE contact me if I have time to go to FOSSASIA 2017 schedule in Singapore on 17-19 March. I checked my calendar and the date was available for me. So I reply his email and said I will go there to represent openSUSE at booth.

openSUSE become Silver sponsor for FOSSASIA 2017, and also have 2 talks by my colleagues Gary Lin from SUSE Labs Taipei and Zhao Qiang from SUSE Beijing on Day 2. I (only) became a booth-person this time :-)

Doug sent me some stickers to bring to the crowd which consists of:
94 webcam covers
128 Tumbleweed stickers
108 Leap stickers
213 openSUSE stickers
174 OBS stickers
175 Portus stickers
116 Alex the Geeko stickers
56 small black Geeko stickers
78 power by openSUSE stickers
30 openSUSE pamphlets
5 SUSE Jobs fliers

I prepared 3 standing banners for this occasion.

On March 16, 2017 afternoon I went to Singapore from my home in Jakarta Indonesia

On Friday March 17, 2017 I came to the Science Centre on Jurong East. It was still in early morning when I got there around 8 AM. Geographically Singapore with longitude 103.6 located in the west of my home town in Jakarta on longitude 106.8. But their time is 1 hour earlier. They should use UTC +7. Maybe they use the special time zone because they want to getup early :-)

I accompanied by Estu Fardani from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is one of the speaker for FOSSASIA 2017 but also an openSUSE Indonesia Community member. Thanks to him for his help on preparing openSUSE booth.

Below are some pictures from the day 1
openSUSE team at FOSSASIA17: qiang, gary, edwin
How to deal with BSD priest :-D
 Could you use BSD?

There are a lot of interesting talks on this event. I want to follow several talks, but I understand this time my duty was to stand for the booth so I should fulfill the obligation first. There was a great talk from Frank Karlitschek (Nextcloud) on the day 1 that I couldn't help to follow :-)

On day 2, we should move the booth to another room. I was a bit late and arrived about 8.50. The event will start on 9.00 so I prepare everything in a hurry. I didn't realize that I put the table cloth up-side down until the Mozilla guys in front of us told me that. It was still early and no visitor came so I can easily re-arrange the booth :-D

On that day, the conference is a bit confusing for me. It was mainly because of the venue. Instead of using one big room as we did on day 1, the committee select the room inside the Science Centre for the exhibition. That was on Saturday and there were many kids and their family visiting the Science Centre. They mix with the FOSSASIA participants. I wasn't prepare with this condition even though it was fun yet confusing.

During the event there are many people came to our booth, some of the questions raised when visitor came to our booth are:
  • What is the different between openSUSE and other distribution, what is the advantages?
  • What is the different between Leap and Tumbleweed?
  • Is openSUSE still alive? :-)
  • Is there any development tools included on openSUSE?
  • Is there any live usb image for openSUSE?
  • Could you give me that geeko toy/doll?
  • Do you still have the laptop camera cover?
  • Do you still have that Alex the geeko stickers?
  • Could you use BSD? .... What?
  • Is there any tools for CAD or design included in distribution?
  • What is open build service?

Actually I prepare a small application to record their comment and twit it directly through opensuseid account on twitter. But this plan didn't run well :-(

On the day 3 our booth run out of the stickers and goodies, nothing left. It was intentional so I don't have to bring anything back to my home.

At 3 PM Singapore I tidy up the booth. My flight would be on 8 PM so I still have time to catch up. Good bye Singapore and FOSSASIA2017. See you again.

The list of talks during FOSSASIA2017 can be seen on this link.
Some of photographs during the event can be seen on my flickr

Thanks openSUSE for giving me TSP for this event.


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