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Asterisk 1.6.1 on openSUSE 11.1 (Part 3)

To enable asterisk to communicate with PSTN lines we should have either a VOIP-PSTN gateway or FXO card. I will not explain about VOIP-PSTN gateway, there are some service providers out there who provides this service for their customers. In my work I use Digium TDM 410P with 4 FXO port per card. There are some alternatives in the market like Sangoma, Rhino, etc, the important is we should make sure that it works with Asterisk either with dahdi driver or zaptel/zapata driver. Also if possible select the card that already has hardware echo-canceler. Echo is a problem in voip communication, and if you have card with no echo-canceler than your server CPU will busy do the job.

Just remember that Digium cards are no longer use zapata driver, and some changes has been made to the configuration file name and location, /etc/zaptel.conf become /etc/dahdi/system.conf and /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf become /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf

In the client site you can use any SIP client hardwares or softwares. Ekiga and Emphaty are the good choice for you who prefer GTK libraries and KCall and KPhone are for you who prefer Qt libraries. IP phone hardware now widely available in the market from cheap to high price, you can select any brand as long as it compatibles with Asterisk. In this project I choose Polycom IP-330, I also used Grandstream and Aastra in other implementation. In this implementation the owner also ask me to use Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 600V3 with Polycom DECT Handset 3040.

Now the time for the dialplan, extensions.conf, which is the core of asterisk implementation, as an example let me introduce you with my configuration. It is a good habit to always backup default asterisk configuration, and start the new configuration from the scratch.

My extensions.conf is:

; extensions.conf - the Asterisk dial plan
; Created by M. Edwin Z for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
; Static extension configuration file, used by              
; the pbx_config module. This is where you configure all your
; inbound and outbound calls in Asterisk.                    
; This configuration file is reloaded                        
; - With the "dialplan reload" command in the CLI            
; - With the "reload" command (that reloads everything) in the CLI

 exten => s,1,Answer
 exten => s,2,Background(en/greeting-indonesia)
 exten => s,3,Hangup()                    

 exten => h,1,Hangup()

 exten => 9999,1,VoiceMailMain()
 exten => asterisk,1,VoicemailMain()

 exten => 5000,1,Set(CHANNEL(language)=en) ; conference 1
 exten => 5000,2,Meetme(5000)                           
 exten => 5000,3,Hangup                                 

 exten => 6000,1,Set(CHANNEL(language)=en) ; conference 2
 exten => 6000,2,Meetme(6000)                           
 exten => 6000,3,Hangup                                 

 exten => 7000,1,Set(CHANNEL(language)=en) ; conference 3
 exten => 7000,2,Meetme(7000)                           
 exten => 7000,3,Hangup                                 

 exten => _XXXX,1,Answer
 exten => _XXXX,2,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},${RINGDELAY},t)
 exten => _XXXX,3,Voicemail(${EXTEN}@default,u)   
 exten => _XXXX,4,Hangup()                        
 exten => _XXXX,103,Voicemail(${EXTEN}@default,b) 
 exten => _XXXX,104,Hangup

 exten => s,1,Answer
 exten => s,2,Wait(1)
 exten => s,3,Background(en/autoattendant)
 exten => s,4,WaitExten(2)               
 exten => 5000,1,MeetMe(5000)            
 exten => 6000,1,MeetMe(6000)            
 exten => 7000,1,MeetMe(7000)            
 exten => _XXXX,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m) 
 exten => _XXXX,2,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},${RINGDELAY},t)                                                  
 exten => _XXXX,3,Voicemail(su${EXTEN})                                                              
 exten => _XXXX,4,Hangup()                                                                           
 exten => _XXXX,103,Voicemail(sb${EXTEN})                                                            
 exten => _XXXX,104,Hangup()                                                                         

 exten => h,1,Hangup()

 exten => t,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-9019-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m) 
 exten => t,2,Dial(SIP/9019&SIP/9006&SIP/9007&SIP/9001&SIP/9002&SIP/9015,${RINGDELAY},t)     
 exten => t,3,Hangup                                                                         
 exten => t,305,Dial(SIP/9001&SIP/9002&SIP/9003&SIP/9004&SIP/9005&SIP/9006&SIP/9007&SIP/9008&SIP/9009&SIP/9010&SIP/9011&SIP/9016&SIP/9017&SIP/9018&SIP/9019)                                                                                               
 exten => t,306,Hangup                                                                                                       

 include => incoming

 include => incoming

 exten => _1.,1,Dial(IAX2/ygpabxsv:0000@${EXTEN:1}@local)
 exten => _1.,2,Hangup()                                           

 exten => _2.,1,Dial(IAX2/ygpabxsv:0000@${EXTEN:1}@local)
 exten => _2.,2,Hangup()                                           

;;GSM call to Telkomsel/HALO
 exten => _000811.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000811.,2,Dial(SIP/9031/${EXTEN:1})                                                                                     
 exten => _000811.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to Telkomsel/Simpati
 exten => _000812.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000812.,2,Dial(SIP/9031/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000812.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to Telkomsel/Simpati
 exten => _000813.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000813.,2,Dial(SIP/9031/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000813.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;GSM call to Telkomsel/As
 exten => _000852.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000852.,2,Dial(SIP/9031/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000852.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to Telkomsel/As
 exten => _000853.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000853.,2,Dial(SIP/9031/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000853.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to Indosat
 exten => _000814.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000814.,2,Dial(SIP/9031/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000814.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to Indosat
 exten => _000815.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000815.,2,Dial(SIP/9031/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000815.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to Indosat
 exten => _000816.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000816.,2,Dial(SIP/9031/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000816.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to Indosat
 exten => _000855.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000855.,2,Dial(SIP/9031/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000855.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to Indosat
 exten => _000856.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000856.,2,Dial(SIP/9031/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000856.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to Indosat
 exten => _000857.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000857.,2,Dial(SIP/9031/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000857.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to Indosat
 exten => _000858.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000858.,2,Dial(SIP/9031/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000858.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to XL
 exten => _000817.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000817.,2,Dial(SIP/9032/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000817.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to XL
 exten => _000818.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000818.,2,Dial(SIP/9032/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000818.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to XL
 exten => _000819.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000819.,2,Dial(SIP/9032/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000819.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to XL
 exten => _000859.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000859.,2,Dial(SIP/9032/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000859.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;GSM call to XL
 exten => _000878.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000878.,2,Dial(SIP/9032/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000878.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;GSM call to 3
 exten => _000898.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000898.,2,Dial(SIP/9032/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000898.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;GSM call to 3
 exten => _000899.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _000899.,2,Dial(SIP/9032/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _000899.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to Axis
; exten => _000831.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
; exten => _000831.,2,Dial(SIP/9032/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
; exten => _000831.,3,Hangup                                                                             

;;GSM call to Axis
; exten => _000838.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:2}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
;exten => _000838.,2,Dial(SIP/9032/${EXTEN:1})                                                           
;exten => _000838.,3,Hangup                                                                              

 include => global
 include => incoming

 exten => _0.,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN:1}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m)
 exten => _0.,2,Dial(DAHDI/g1/${EXTEN:1})                                                          
 exten => _0.,3,Hangup                                                                             
 exten => _0.,103,Playback(en/tt-allbusy)                                                          
 exten => _0.,104,Hangup                                                                           

 exten => 500,1,Answer
 exten => 500,2,Playback(en/silakanrekamgreeting)
 exten => 500,3,Record(en/mymessage:gsm)        
 exten => 500,4,Playback(en/pesananda)          
 exten => 500,5,Playback(en/mymessage)          
 exten => 500,6,Playback(en/tekan1)
 exten => 500,7,WaitExten(3)

 exten => t,1,Playback(en/maafmohonulangi)
 exten => t,2,Goto(500,5)

 exten => i,1,Playback(en/pesanandasalah)
 exten => i,2,Goto(500,5)

 exten => 1,1,System(/bin/mv /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/mymessage.gsm  /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/autoattendant.gsm)
 exten => 1,2,Playback(en/terimakasih)
 exten => 1,3,Playback(en/tekan3)

 exten => 2,1,Goto(500,1)
 exten => 3,1,Goto(500,1)
 exten => 4,1,Hangup

 include => internal-sip

; Master context for local, toll-free, and iaxtel calls only
 ignorepat => 9
 include => default
 include => parkedcalls
 include => internal-sip

 include => internal-sip

I know it seems make pain in your head, so now take a cup of coffee, read the above configuration carefully until it comes up into your dream :-) . I will explain everything in the next post.

Have a lot of fun. 


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