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My Trip to openSUSE.Asia Summit 2015

I have several good friends from Taiwan including Sakana Max and Joey Lee, an active openSUSE members, and also Franklin Weng and Erick that I met during GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 in Depok Indonesia. All of them make me want to visit Taiwan.

In the end of July 2015 Joey Lee sent me an email to involve in openSUSE.Asia Summit 2015 that will be held in Taipei on December 2015. Thanks Joey!

Since then I follow the IRC meeting several times, and knows many great openSUSE people from Taiwan, China and Japan. Al Cho was the busiest guy for the Summit, you did a great job! Finally on October 21, I got an email said that my presentation for the summit was accepted. The committee also accepted the proposal from 2 others openSUSE users from Indonesia, Utian and Estu.

I apply for Travel Support Program (TSP). It is the first time for me and I was really amazed by the application system and off course the team behind openSUSE TSP. On November 23, openSUSE accepted my TSP application. Thanks openSUSE, Izabel and team!

I prepare for Taiwan visa, book an airline ticket and hotel. The important thing is my presentation. I have an old presentation for GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 in Depok Indonesia, but I need to add several new information considering that the audience are from many region so it would give a clear understanding about the situation.

I also make some "noise" about the summit in openSUSE Indonesia Facebook Group. Currently we have around 2900 people in the group and they're very active. FYI we sometimes have giveaway for randomly selected people in the group, it is fun and effective openSUSE marketing!

On December 3, I went to Taipei. Utian and Estu went there one day earlier than me, but we will stay in same hotel. My flight was 08.30 Jakarta time and it needs around 6,5 hours flight from Jakarta to Taipei but my flight was transit in Hongkong around 3 hours. Around 20.30 Taipei time I arrived in my hotel in Taipei. By the way the temperature was around 14 centigrade and windy so it was a bit cold for me who just arrived from tropical country with temperature around 30 centigrade.

On December 4 morning, I visited the SUSE Taiwan office along with Estu and Utian. We met with Al Cho, Joey Lee and other SUSE staffs, they were very welcome :-D

This summit was very special because it was held just several weeks after the release of openSUSE Leap 42.1. The committee made a "Release Party" that held together between openSUSE Taiwan community and Ubuntu Taiwan community. On the night of December 4 I was invited and share the joy with everyone. Great party.

On December 5, 2015 openSUSE.Asia Summit 2015 was open, and off course there are many DVD and stickers :-D

Michal Hrusecky, openSUSE Board, give a keynote speech about what's been going on in openSUSE lately.

And after the break it was my turn. I put my presentation on slideshare in case any of you want to read.


It is a wonderful experience, met with openSUSE users from all over Asia and Europe, discuss about our experience about developing and implementing openSUSE. We have a great community! I really enjoy discuss with everyone. I met personally with Dominic Launberger and Ludwig Nussel from openSUSE release team, thanks to share your knowledge and the chitchat.

The first day of summit is end up with the dinner. During this occasion I have a great conversation with everyone. Thanks Alex, Sunny, Joey and openSUSE Japan team it was a great conversation.

On December 6, there are many more talks and workshop. Some of them are in Mandarin, I cannot understand but for sure it was great at least by looking to the presentation :-D  

Many things we can learn from this summit, we meet with all openSUSE user from all across Asia, we know from the first place how the development process is, and the most important thing is we know each other so we can continue to communicate after the summit. 

It is an honor for me to attend to this event and hope Indonesia can be the host of the next openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016. See you all next year!

Most of photographs are taken from:

Thanks to:
Utian Ayuba, Estu Fardani - You both are great travel companion
Al Cho, Joey Lee, openSUSE Taiwan - Thanks for invitation
Sakana Max - You should come next time :-D
Franklin Weng, Erick - You make me always remember that I have friends in Taiwan
Rijal, Rosi, Pak Pur, LC - The video rock!
openSUSE Indonesia Community - Thanks for great support
openSUSE - Thanks for the great distro and TSP :-D 


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