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LibreOffice Conference Indonesia 2018

In early 2018 I got a news from community that LibreOffice Indonesian Community will held a conference in Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya (EEPIS) on March 23-25, 2018. I discussed with some member of openSUSE Indonesia community and we're willing to give our hands and also to open openSUSE booth on that event. I sent the proposal to Douglas De Maio from openSUSE and he agree to give some donation for the event.

On March 1st, I received some marketing material from openSUSE that we can put on our booth and distribute to the conference participant. Thanks openSUSE!

LibreOffice Conference Indonesia (LOCI) 2018 is the first LibreOffice Conference in Indonesia so as a user of Libre Office  since a long time I'm so excited to attend this conference.
On early morning March 23, 2018 I took the flight flying through the golden hour to Surabaya. It was still 6.00 o'clock in the morning and I'm very surprised that Darian, the local committee of LOCI 2018, show up in the Juanda Surabaya Airport to pick me up and take me to the venue. Thanks Darian.

The day 0 is workshop day, it is Andika Triwidada stage. I didn't do much on this day except meeting with the EEPIS officials together with some friends from LibreOffice Community and KLAS (Linux User Group of Surabaya City). There were Noor Azam from KLAS, Franklin Weng and Eric Sun from TDF, Ahmad Haris from LibreOfficeID, Andika Triwidada as LibreOffice and Gnome Indonesia translator coordinator, Iwan Tahari from Sepatu Fans, Estu from BlankOn and myself.

On the night of Day 0, local committee invite us for a dinner. We have a good moment, discussed with the community and also with my long time friend Franklin Weng and Eric Sun, TDF member from Taiwan. The dinner was so delicious. Thanks to LibreOfficeID.

On day 1, the LOCI2018 was officially started. After EEPIS Director open the conference, Franklin Weng go to the stage and talk about "How to promote ODF/LibreOffice -- What We Have Done in Taiwan". Pak Riki Arif Gunawan from Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics talk about "Digital Signature" after Frank.

On the rest of the day I mainly on openSUSE booth explaining about openSUSE and distributing all of our stickers, magazine and anything else we can give :-) I should thanks our openSUSE Indonesia Community especially Didiet, Dhenandi and Kukuh Syafaat that help me to manage our booth. It was very crowded, hundred people visit us and we run out of our goodies :-)


The day 1 is closing by another delicious dinner sponsor by LibreOfficeID

The day 2 is opening by Noor Azam as keynote speaker from KLAS talking about "The Importance of Open Standards Data". It follows by another keynote speaker, Italo Vignoli with paper about "LibreOffice 6.0 - Positioning and Main Features". After that as I did in day 1, I mainly in openSUSE booth answering question about openSUSE and distributing our goodies :-)

This conference was really an enjoyable moment. Not only that it introduce LibreOffice for student at EEPIS but also to give more knowledge for young generation about an open source movement that already mature in the world. This event is also used by open source activist in Indonesia to meet face-to-face and to know and get better understanding for each other.

You can see more photos from the flickr so that you can feel the vibe of the event :-)

Finally, thanks openSUSE, openSUSE-ID, LibreOffice and LibreOfficeID for everything.

Have a lot of fun!


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